A small glimpse of life in Esquipulas

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It has been quite the experience living in a small, Northern mountain town in Nicaragua for the past three months. It has been both challenging and rewarding. I joke that the one internet café in town has become my new office, because we are still waiting for the internet connection at the Colectivo to be fixed after two months. I’m used to sharing the roads and even buses with chickens and pigs and I have almost mastered the technique of the bucket shower. Every day I stop to take in the views here of the sprawling mountain ranges. I’ve picked up the local phrases and have learned to laugh when people can’t understand my Spanish, despite my best efforts at a Nica accent. Most importantly, perhaps, has been the people I have met – my colleagues and the local women who attend our workshops and come to us for help. They have taught me more about this country than I would ever learn as just a tourist. They have shown me the strength and resilience of the women’s rights movement, as well as the difficulty and obstacles faced here in the fight against patriarchy and machismo. I’ve included some photos to give you a small glimpse of what daily life is like here. As I come to the half way mark of my time in Nicaragua I would also like to thank you – my friends, family and supporters – for your encouragement on this journey of mine.


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